Full electric Mobile Straddle Transporter MST 160


Full Electric Mobile Straddle Transporter MST 160 ton travelling on rubber tyres.

The long range battery pack provides a maximum power of 300 kWh. guaranteeing a complete cycle of work.

The battery charger is installed onboard of the equipment, allowing for the machine charge via a power cable to be connected to power pedestals. The intelligent system makes it possible to use the machine also during the charging phase.

A complete charge is reached in no more than 6 hours, when the battery is totally flat.

This eco-friendly unit allows to work inside the factory avoiding any pollution caused by diesel exhaust fumes. The feeding by renewable energy and the low noise pollution makes this portal crane be the optimal choice for industry application.

The machine allows high efficiency thanks to the energy recovery functions during braking and deceleration operations.

Furthermore, this unit is complete with all the functions required by Industry 4.0 for the integration of the machine to the factory system and is completely customized as per customer needs.