Cimolai Technology Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour into Cimolai Technology premises


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Cimolai Technology Spa proudly presents its Virtual Tour 360, the new virtual experience that connects people. We are ready to guide you, wherever you may be, in a visit to the premises of Cimolai Technology in Carmignano di Brenta (PD) and Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi in San Quirino (PN), right from your computer.

The interior of our structures can be explored and appreciated thanks to high-definition 360° photos and videos of the machines under work creating a new way of knowing and experiencing our reality, providing an impressive emotional impact.

This new concept of Virtual Reality (VR) represents an innovative and easy way to remove a barrier for people who do not live nearby, connecting people and, at the same time, ensuring an unconventional opportunity to show the uniqueness of our company and our work.


Watch the Spot of the virtual tour into Cimolai Technology premises: CLICK HERE


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