Revamping of n. 2 STS cranes for the loading and the unloading of the Post-Panamax ships – Port of Trieste, Italy

We have completed the revamping of the two ship to shore cranes installed in the port of Trieste, Italy. The cranes have been redesigned and revised to allow for the lifting of containers and “general cargo” during the loading and unloading operations of Super Post Panamax ships of 5° generation having 21 rows of containers.

MAIN CHARACTERISTICS   Before the revamping After the revamping
Clear height under spreader and cantilever on the sea side : 33 m 40 m
Useful cantilever on the sea side : 45,25 m 56 m
Useful capacity at max cantilever : 42 t 45 t
Overall dimensions of the crane wheelboxes : 38,25 m 29,5 m

The revamping has included also the implementation with the load equalizing system (TRIM – LIST – SKEW).