Restoration of Queensboro Bridge: Cimolai Technology supply two Mobile Straddle Transporters MST 25 US t

Cimolai Technology and American Bridge together for the restoration of Queensboro Bridge in New York


N.2 Mobile Straddle Transporters MST 25 US t/each, which have been commissioned by American Bridge, are now ready to be installed on site and work for the restoration of the iconic Queensboro Bridge, also known as the 59th Street Bridge, in New York City.
The two units were custom designed to work fast and with high precision in narrow confines, under the structure of the bridge, having the least possible impact on the existing civil work.


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The machines have the capability of unloading the precast panels from the truck and proceed with lauching of the precast elements in the final position, adapting to the structure of the bridge. In fact, these MST 25 US t have an automatic adjustable height so as to pass under the bridge curved overstructure after having unloaded the elements from the trucks.

Furthermore, the units are equipped with two independent lifting points able to handle the precast panels along the entire machine’s length (each machine is 35 m long). These two independent lifting points allow a positioning that respect the slope of the runways.


FAT Test successfully performed in our factory.
FAT Test successfully performed in our factory.


Thanks to the technology used, they have been designed with a mechanical load balancing system, fairly distributing the weight on wheels, in compliance with the American bridge design standards.

The Mobile Straddle Transporters are fitted with an automatic load limiting device, which acts as a load lifting safety system.

Through the multiple steering configurations the machines are able to steer in all directions.


Queensboro Bridge Facts

The Queensboro Bridge is a cantilever truss bridge that connects Manhattan and Queens (NY). The total length of the bridge is 1,135 m (3,724 ft) – total length including the approaches: 2,270 m (7,449 feet) – and it operates as crucial connection for some of the main traffic arteries in New York City. The structural steel rehabilitation program of the upper deck is in progress. Completion is expected in late 2022.


Main Technical Data of the Mobile Straddle Transporter:

Lifting Capacity (along the entire machine’s length of 35 m):  25 US t/each
Engine:  N.2 Power Units of 55 Kw
Capacity of each spreader:  12,5 US t




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