Segment Launching Gantry SLG 120

Melbourne, Australia

Segment launching gantry to lift and launch precast elements used for the construction of the new elevated road above the Footscray Road in Melbourne.

17 hanger beam trolleys are installed on the top of the upper chords. Each trolley is fitted with two spreaders and each spreader beam is fitted with two twist-locks which are operated directly by the trolley and hook the segment lifted by the main trolley.

The automatic hanging system for span erection avoids the need for operator to be phisically on the concrete segment during the span suspension phase. It represents a considerable improvement in safety.

This equipment has been designed to comply with the customer’s requirements in terms of personalization and performance.


Max. Span Lenght   45.4 m
Max. Span Weight   1280 t
Max. Nos. of Segment per Span   17
Max. Segment Weight   130 t
Min. Radius in Plan   240 m
Max. Long. Slope (gradient)   ±8.0 %
Max. Transv. Slope (cross-fall)   ±10 %


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