Mobile Straddle Transporter MST 25 US t


N.2 units of Mobile Straddle Transporters MST with a lifting capacity of 25 US t/each able to unload deck panels and proceed with launching of the beams in the final position.

The units were custom designed according to the specific needs of the Customer and in compliance with the American bridge design standards.


The machines are fitted with:

– hydraulically adjustable height, so as to work under the structure of the bridge;

– two independent lifting points to handle the precast panels along the entire machine’s length, allowing a positioning that respect the runways’ slope;

– mechanical load balancing system for fairly distributing the weight on wheels;

– load lifting safety system;

– multiple steering configurations.


Capacity (along the machine’s length of 35 m):  25 US t/each
N.2 Power Units of 55 Kw
Capacity of each spreader: 12,5 US t