Opening ceremony of the new compost plant with Cimolai Technology’s compost turners

A new organic waste management plant run by Contarina Spa (environmental services management company in Treviso area) has just been opened in Trevignano, Treviso, where two compost turners manufactured by Cimolai Technology have been installed.

The two compost turners, equipped with automatic milling cutters and programmed remotely, break up the material when it is turned and allow biomass oxygenation during oxidation.

The new compost plant covers a total area of 129.000sqm and will manage 73.000 t of organic waste per year – the old plant managed 35.000 t/y – and will produce approximately 26.800 t/year of compost. This means the plant will be able to manage organic waste produced by 50 municipalities.

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