New 160t Full Electric Mobile Straddle Transporter MST for Fincantieri

The new Mobile Straddle Transporter MST with a capacity of 160t full electric has been tested for Fincantieri at Monfalcone Shipyard

At Fincantieri site in Monfalcone (Italy) a new Mobile Straddle Transporter MST with lifting capacity of 160t, full electric, has been installed and is now at work. It is the third machine that Cimolai Technology has supplied to the prestigious Italian shipyard in addition to the previous two units of 1000t each.


Cimolai Technology - MST full electric_HEADER


The equipment is provided with a long range battery pack having a max power of 300Kwh that can be charged in no more than six hours, when totally flat.

The peculiarity of this unit is the capability of exploiting the feeding power at the best, according to the customer’s specific working and customization needs: the energy dissipated during the lifting and lowering operations is recovered without being dissipated as heat. In such way the efficiency of the machine is more than 90%. And what is more, the energy that would be otherwise lost as heat is recovered and used to extend the battery life.


On board of the eco-friendly MST an intelligent system is installed so as to enable the machine to work even during the charging phase: the equipment is proving to be a versatile crane that assures an optimization of the working cycles and the well-known reliability of Cimolai Technology branded machines.

The lifting operations are managed by a dedicated software that synchronizes the winches and provides a balanced hoist, regardless the type of loads to be handled.

Moreover, the travel of the MST inside the factory is facilitated by the automatic drive system that assists the operator and makes it easier to follow specific paths, guaranteeing high safety standards.

Through the electronic special steering system, which is managed by a customized software, the equipment is extremely manoeuvrable and suitable to narrow spaces: the unit is in fact equipped with different steering configurations, reducing time and space to perform the manoeuvres.


As all Cimolai Technology branded cranes, also the 160t full electric MST installed at Fincantieri Shipyard is provided with Internet connection (through VPN interface) that enables our after-sales department to provide remote assistance to the Client’s operators and maintenance staff directly from Cimolai Technology’s offices.


Main Technical Data of the MST:

Lifting Capacity: 160t

Max Power: 300 kWh

Application: industrial, civil, marine