Innovation and Safety for Heavy Lift: our new Segment Launching Gantry

Safety and Performance Double Up in our new Segment Launching Machine at Footscray Road viaduct in Melbourne

We have been enhancing our products ranges, with an increased focus on customization and safety considerations.

Last November, 2020 we have successfully performed the final tests on our Segment Launching Gantry that will build the new elevated road above the Footscray Road in Melbourne. The construction of this viaduct aims at improving drivers’ connections to and from Melbourne’s west areas.

The Segment Launching Gantry will be used for the West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) in Australia, where strict Quality procedures for fabrication and materials are required. This machine represents the first of its kind thanks to the equipment and technology used in order to provide a very efficient and safe operation, in compliance with Victorian Regulations and Australian Standards.  

The West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP) consists of approximately 90 spans, the majority of typical weight being 1280 tonnes. The spans are mainly located on 2 parallel viaducts and the Segment Launcher moves from one viaduct to the parallel one.

The uniqueness of this Segment Launching Gantry stays in the automatic hanging system for span erection, which avoids the need for people on the concrete hanging segments during the erection of the span. It represents a great improvement in safety.

This is the perfect example of an innovative solution that perfectly combines with the customer’s needs in terms of personalization and performance. The high-level engineering studies behind our Segment Launching allow the construction of very different types of viaducts. Furthermore, it has been designed with a view to re-use, according to an eco-friendly approach.

The construction of the viaduct will start early in 2021.

Segment Launching Gantry 120t -  (Melbourne, AU) automatic system
Segment Launching Gantry – (Melbourne, AU) – Automatic Hanging System for Span Erection.

Technical data of the viaduct:

Max. Span Lenght45.4 m
Max. Span Weight1280 t
Max. Nos. of Segment per Span17
Max. Segment Weight130 t
Min. Radius in Plan240 m
Max. Long. Slope (gradient)±8.0 %
Max. Transv. Slope (cross-fall)±10 %