For civil and pre-cast works, bridge and viaduct constructions, tunneling field and infrastructures Cimolai Technology designs and supplies:


  • Mobile Straddle Transporters on tyres
  • Flat Bed Transporters
  • Beam and Segment Launching Gantries
  • Cantilever Lifting Devices or Derrick Cranes for lifting and launching concrete or steel elements
  • Special Portal Gantry Cranes (on rails or on tyres)
  • Gantry cranes for wells, having high performances and long lifting travels, usually required for dam or tunnel-boring projects when building shafts or drilling tunnels
  • Other special equiment can be designed upon specific requests from the Client and based on their peculiar operational requirements

For marinas, dry-docks, maintenance of pleasure or working boats and shipyards Cimolai Technology designs and supplies:


  • Mobile Boat Haulers MBH on tyres to haul, launch and stock vessels
  • Mobile Boat Trolleys MBT on tyres to handle and stock vessels on the shipyard’s hardstand
  • Modular trolleys on tyres or on rails for different uses in the shipyards
  • Special Mobile Straddle Transporters MST for handling, hoisting and turning ship blocks
  • Ship lift platforms (sincro-lift) SLP to haul ships with huge weight and dimensions
  • Gantry cranes on rails RGC to prepare and handle ship blocks in the ship-building yards
  • Boom cranes on rails RBC on docks / basins to serve the preparation and the construction of ships

Cimolai Technology can propose handling and lifting solutions for various industrial activities, satisfying the logistic requirements of increasingly demanding Customers, that need to have specialized and versatile equipment.

Moreover, to meet the working site strict constraints and the applicable standard requirements, Cimolai Technology has developed dedicated machines, such as electrically operated tyre cranes and units with adjustable dimensions (width, height).

The proven experience, the technical staff and the design versatility enable Cimolai Technology to develop and manufacture special equipment suitable for numerous applications.

All the machines are customized, duly designed and dimensioned to comply with the operational requirements of the Customers.

Cimolai Technology is ready to implement the range of products with new machines and systems, always guaranteeing high quality levels.

Other special equipment can be designed upon specific requests from the Client and based on their peculiar operational requirements.

All the machines are tailor-made and meet the specific requests of the Customers.

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