CIMOLAI TECHNOLOGY SPA Premises in Carmignano di Brenta – Overall surface 53 000 m² (20 000 m² covered + 1 000 m² for offices)GET DIRECTIONS


Cimolai Technology started in 2004, when Roberto Cimolai, counting on the experience in the steel sector gained over the years, decided to embark on a new challenge and invest in new production fields. With the contribution of young yet experienced technicians and engineers, the new reality was ready to start its journey which, in time, has led and his leading to great achievements and accomplishments.
Based on sound foundations, we have grown constantly and rapidly. What has made us big is our passionate and innovation-oriented attitude that has led us to conceive new solutions to our customers’ problems.
We have specialized in the design and fabrication of always more advanced and complex equipment for special projects, as well as standard units for common applications.
Our sales department works closely with the customers to carefully understand their needs and offer them the best solutions to fulfill their demands. Our design, electrical and hydraulic departments cooperate to ensure the best service. In addition, design, production, preassembly and tests are all carried out in our premises in Italy – in Carmignano di Brenta and in San Quirino- guaranteeing the highest quality standards.
Our experience and our customers’ trust have made us a worldwide acknowledged and reliable supplier.

Fields of activity

We design and manufacture special equipment for:

  • construction works, prefabrication sites and building of bridges and viaducts
  • shipyards (boat production or refit), marinas and ports
  • industries, steel factories and renewable energy plants
  • special and innovative fields where tailor-made applications are required

All our products are designed to respond to and comply with each customer’s specific requirements.

Group Synergies


Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi Srl – San Quirino (PN) / First factory

Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi Srl – San Quirino (PN) / Second factory

Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi Srl

Cimolai Technology can take advantage of a group synergy with Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi Srl, a company specialized in the fabrication of steelworks and steel structures, as well as with the other companies of the Lorenzo Holding group.

Armando Cimolai Centro Servizi’s factories are located in San Quirino (PN). The factories extend on an area of 180.000 m², 60. 000 of which are covered

After-sale service

Becoming a customer of Cimolai Technology means choosing the quality and the efficiency not only of the products but also of all the related services.
Our customers are offered a qualified pre-sale service support, an efficient installation and commissioning service and a complete training of their staff to optimize the equipment use and maintenance.
Besides, a prompt and professional after-sale service is guaranteed by a team of technicians and engineers – who is in charge for the assembly and the interventions in the jobsite – and a pool of experts who provides 24/7 assistance from our offices.
Our component and spare parts warehouse enables us to give real-time solutions to any emergency situation.


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