Cimolai Technology unveiled its largest MBH at Derecktor Ft. Pierce (USA)

Haul-Out completed at Derecktor Ft. Pierce for our hugest Mobile Boat Hoist MBH 1500 US t

The world’s largest mobile boat hoist MBH 1500 US t has been unveiled at the prestigious Derecktor Shipyards in Ft. Pierce (Florida, USA).

This record-breaking unit has successfully completed the haul-out of the first huge vessel in the Port of Ft. Pierce, which from an aging 100-year-old cargo terminal is now ready to be a state-of-the-art superyacht repair and refit destination.

MBH 1500 Cimolai_Technology_Derecktor Ft. Pierce - 5

After a period of construction started in December 2020, that included the excavation and development of the haul-out platform for our MBH 1500 US t machine, now the biggest travel lift is completely assembled and fully operational.

The giant mobile boat hoist travels on 32 all-steering rubber tyres and is fitted with 4 couples of hydraulically adjustable lifting points that run on the same runway, all along the upper beams. This is our innovative and patented system that facilitates handling several different types of vessels.

Thanks to Cimolai Technology’s know-how and innovative solutions developed by the engineering department, what seemed to be hardly feasible till some years ago, has now become accessible to all shipyards that need to handle loads in excess of 1000 t.


We are already working to reach new goals and records… keep in touch for the latest news!


Derecktor Fort Pierce in Florida (USA) will soon be the most important port of call for the global fleet of megayachts. It is the first U.S. Shipyard specifically designed for superyacht – large sailing and power vessels up to 250 ft (76m) LOA (Length Overall) and 1500 US t.

This important achievement for the prestigious Shipyard also represents an improvement for the local market and area between Ft. Pierce and St. Lucie County in Florida.

MBH 1500 Cimolai_Technology_Derecktor Ft. Pierce - 1
MBH 1500 US t during the haul-out of a huge vessel