The experience of our design department and our manufacture versatility enable us to dimension and manufacture a wide range of customized machines. Our products distinguish themselves for the high technological and special characteristics, suitable for particular complex and innovative sectors. Special equipment include:
Back-up systems for tunnel boring machines used for tunnel excavation. The back-up systems include:
- Wagon systems for digging extraction
- System for overturning and automatically unloading the wagons
- Systems for automatically feeding and laying the concrete elements used for consolidating the vault of tunnels
- Special trolleys for transporting devices and personnel inside the gallery
Moveable roofs for stadium, amphitheatre and concert-hall with automatic driving
Crane and specific systems for offshore applications
Machines and installations for waste treatment, in particular system for automatic overturning of organic material in accelerated bio-stabilization installations for compost production.
All the machines are studied to measure so as to offer customized solutions, suitable for guaranteeing high standard efficiency and performance.







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