For shipyards (manufacture or refit), marinas, boat laying-up and ports, Cimolai Technology designs, manufactures and assembles the following equipment:
Mobile Boat Hauler on tires for launching, handling and dry-docking sailing and motor boat – also big size ones - by means of slings
Self propelled trolleys for handling and storing boats on the working area
Modular trolleys to be used in manufacture or refit yards for handling big size boats during construction and fitting operations.
Mobile Straddle Transporters on rails or on tires to be used in manufacture shipyards, for handling hull segments or lifting the various components during fitting operations. If required, the cranes can turn the lifted elements by 180°
Rail boom crane to be used on docks for loading/ unloading operations from the ship to the quay. For special applications or for off-shore operations, the rail boom cranes can be mounted on barges
Lifiting platforms "Sincro-lift" for lifting huge tonnage ships
Other special equipment can be made to measure according the specific requirements of the Customer



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