For manufacture of huge facilities / civil works and for precast yards, Cimolai Technology can design and perform turn-key supplies of the following equipment:
Mobile straddle transporters for handling and transporting precast components and reinforced concrete elements / beams
Special portal cranes, on rail or on tires
Shaft cranes, at high performances and long lifting travels. They are usually employed on dams and in drilling yards, during the manufacture of shafts and tunnels.
Launching gantries for the manufacture of bridges made of reinforced concrete/steel elements/beams. The launching gantries can be of suspended elements/beams, for placed elements/beams or for in-situ cast (self-advancing molds).
Derrick cranes for manufacturing cable-stayed bridges made of either steel or reinforced concrete and for lifting beams or beam segments
Self propelled flat beds (or lowered trailers) for the transportation of elements or steel/concrete beams
Other special equipment can be manufactured according the specific requirements of the Customer.
All the machines are tailor-made equipment that are duly studied to offer targeted solutions so as to guarantee the best working and efficiency conditions


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