Cimolai Technology dates back to 2004 as a result of an initiative of the Cimolai family and the collaboration of a group of technicians with a consolidated experience in design and supply of special lifting equipment.
From its very beginning, the company aimed to become a worldwide reference for the manufacture and supply of machines for lifting and transportation operations.
To give life to such important expectations, Cimolai Technology always offer its maximum collaboration to the customer, so as to take the best solutions from the first phase of the design and transform them in tailor-made realizations.
The effectiveness of the above project is evidenced by the welcome Cimolai Technology products receive by the main contractors of worldwide markets, the manufacture and refit bigger shipyards and other international realities.
Cimolai Technology is located in a recently manufactured premise, which covers a total area of 53.000 m2 - 20.000 m2 of which are completely covered and used as manufacture premises and offices.
The company is provided with all the services required by a dynamic and always growing organization and is located in Carmignano di Brenta, in Padova district.


Cimolai Technology pays particular attention to the training of the staff, investing several resources in the development and in the professional growth of each member of the company. The technical competences, the autonomy and the capability of resolving the problems are continually encouraged so as to offer a service that can duly understand and satisfy the request of the customer, always complying with the ethic and the value of the company.
To enable the best coexistence of the group synergies, Cimolai Technology daily commits itself to maintaining a strict collaboration within the various departments, with the specific goal of valorizing the brand of the company and giving life to a partnership that improves the quality of the whole production process.

Cimolai Technology designs and manufactures special equipment to be used:
- In the construction of huge facilities and civil works in precast yards
- In shipyards (boat production or refit), in marinas, in laying up facilities and in ports
- In industries, steel factories and renewable energy fields
- In special and innovative fields where tailor made solutions are required

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