Each phase of the work is continuously controlled to monitor the activity flow and analyze the reliability of the production process.
Cimolai Technology is certified ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. The machines we manufacture comply with Directive CEE-2006/42/CE and are marked CE. The company can boast the Electrical certification CUL-US (file n° E308774) required for lifting equipment for America and Canada.
According to the contract requests, our technical department can use calculus international various analysis such us FEM, EN, the American CMMA and ASME, etc…
Moreover, Cimolai Technology is classified SOA, in accordance to the following classes:
- category OS18 class VIII
- category OS31 class IV


To offer its customers high-tech machines with higher and higher performances Cimolai Technology has made research and development one of the main activities in the mechanic, hydraulic and electric design departments, where conceptual and operative new ideas are developed.
All the production phases are performed in our premises, by means of computerized processes, automatic machine tools and advanced working technologies, that enable both to comply with the required high quality standards and to optimize the working stages. The considerable professionalism, the regular controls on raw materials’ quality and the tests performed during all the production sequences guarantee the reliability of Cimolai Technology’s equipment.


For design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of special equipment on rail or on rubber tires to be used for lifting operations

118 Kb


For electrical installations of machines to be used in USA and CANADA

82 Kb


To certify the production capability of the company for categories OS18 and OS31

6449 Kb
made in Nextep